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Lea's festival, Kultur i Väst, information folder, 2019Yvette GustafssonLea's festival, Kultur i Väst, information folder, 2019This is the story about being young and wanting to make something for yourself and for others and how to make it happen.  The folder was distributed around the region as inspiration for youths and for municipals to start initiatives in their local area. 
MECH. Chapter book, 9-12 years. Vildhallon förlag.Yvette GustafssonMECH. Chapter book, 9-12 years. Vildhallon förlag.MECH. Adventure book for children and youths (9-12 year). Illustrated the cover and 8 full page illustrations in black and white. 
"Parent in a new country", parenting course 2019. Center for integration, City of Gothenburg.Yvette Gustafsson"Parent in a new country", parenting course 2019. Center for integration, City of Gothenburg.Eight illustrations showing situations from home, to be used as discussion material around parenting in Sweden. Six illustrations with a more emotional touch around things concerning children and parenting. 
Nescafé Azera, Taste of the city, 2018Yvette GustafssonNescafé Azera, Taste of the city, 2018Design competition for Nescafé Azera 2018. Theme: "Taste of the city". My design won 1st place in Sweden with the motivation from the jury: “In this design, there is something that would definitely resonate with modern youth culture and millennials and people beyond them." "It’s really funky, its quick, it’s alive. “ comments both, Pavel Fuksa and Ieva Ozola.
The living history forumYvette GustafssonThe living history forumThe living history forum, Stockholm. 2018.  Twelve black-and-white illustrations on the theme Propaganda, with different examples of propaganda in the society today. The illustrations will be used in their school programmes, working with schools online. 
Universeum, Periodic table, 2017Yvette GustafssonUniverseum, Periodic table, 2017For the new chemistry lab (opened oct 2017) at Universeum I made a symbol for each and every one of the elements of the periodic table. 
Friction, Universeum, Gothenburg 2017Yvette GustafssonFriction, Universeum, Gothenburg 2017Large mural/illustration in comic form (6 by 2 metres), explaining how Friction works and what a bearing does in a machine/device.     
PartilleBo, calendar 2018Yvette GustafssonPartilleBo, calendar 201812 illustrations showing places and activities in and around Partille, Sweden. The white bear is the clients mascot and was made a head figure and a guide through the images.   
Universeum, Code Lab 2017Yvette GustafssonUniverseum, Code Lab 2017The science center Universeum in Gothenburg arranged a summer activity for kids about programming and code, called the Code Lab. My job was to explain the subject historically through sequential art and illustrate images for work stations concentrating around algorithms and code.  
ETC. Refugee comicsYvette GustafssonETC. Refugee comicsI maj 2016 gjorde ETC en bilaga om flyktingkrisen. 14 serietecknare gjorde sin egen tolkning kring krisen, jag valde att blanda fakta och känslor i min serie på tre sidor.    The paper ETC made a supplement to their regular edition. 14 comic book artists/cartoonists made their own enterpretation of the crisis. I chose to be both factual and emotional around the subject in a three page comic. 
Comics for Popular AstronomyYvette GustafssonComics for Popular AstronomyThe magazine "Popular Astronomy" (comes out 4 times/year). I make the comic "the Infosphere", which is about astronomy/space related subjects, often with a bit of curiosities connected to it.  
Space in X-ray light. Universeum, Göteborg 2015Yvette GustafssonSpace in X-ray light. Universeum, Göteborg 2015Comic for Universeum's exhibition about space, explaining X-ray light in space.
Hello fish! Yvette GustafssonHello fish! The image shows the flyer for the exhibition "Hello fish!", an exhibition in comics style about fish, eco systems of the ocean and fishing. The exhibition is open sept 2014 - sept 2015.
AmosYvette GustafssonAmosIllustration to classic swedish christmas carols, re-written to modern day Sweden by journalist, radio profile Calle Norlén
Hela stan Yvette GustafssonHela stan Comic published in club news magazine "Hela stan", october 2014.
Personas för ODIGEOYvette GustafssonPersonas för ODIGEOPersonas for a digitally displayed presentation about UX in travel agencies.
Fanart SIS 2016Yvette GustafssonFanart SIS 2016Based on Kim W. Anderssons space heroinne Astrid I made my own version. 
Illustrations for the magazine "Piranha". Yvette GustafssonIllustrations for the magazine "Piranha". Carachter design/illustration for the magazine Piraja (Piranha) Client: Studentmedia AB.
Yvette Gustafsson
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Yvette Gustafsson

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Yvette Gustafsson. I'm a comic book artist/illustrator.

Have you received any awards or prizes?

I entered a design competition for Nescafé Azera earlier this year (2018) and my design won the Swedish finale! My design will be on a limited edtition of Nescafé Azera that will be in stores in January 2019. 

What are you working on right now?

Slow but steady I'm finishing my comic album with the two characters Zak & Ting, and angel and a demon banned from their natural habitat, walking the Earth, making friends and fiends with people. Being the odd balls, they can both help others and themselves, but also wreck absolutely everything.