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Yvette Gustafsson
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Yvette Gustafsson

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Yvette Gustafsson. I'm a comic book artist/illustrator and also a projekt manager within creative areas.

Have you received any awards or prizes?

Not a real prize like an Oscar for example, but I have been awarded "Yvette of the year" in three different sites – at my former school, at work and at House of Win win, where my studio is located. "Yvette of the year" is awarded to the spider in the web; the one keeping track of all of the important stuff and doing so with a happy face.

What are you working with right now?

Slow but steady I'm finishing my comic album with the two carachters Zak & Ting, and angel and a demon banned from their natural habitat, walking the Earth, making friends and fiends with people. Being the odd balls, they can both help others and themselves, but also wreck absolutely everything.